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An ancient profession that of the blacksmith, one of those professions that over the years is giving way to industrial production in series, standard, unable to reflect different tastes and tailor-made spaces.

Our work combines the skilled craftsmanship of the blacksmith, who “forges” the iron by hand, with innovative production techniques to reduce processing times and guarantee an effective service to our customers.





Each job we carry out is a new challenge for us, a product made unique by the particularity of the shapes and craftsmanship made with the passion and skill of an art, that of the blacksmith, handed down for generations.

Ours is an ancient craft, in which intuition, love for details make the difference, we interpret the customer’s needs to offer tailor-made wrought iron works that reflect different tastes and adapt to any environment.

For the safety and comfort of your home, your shop, your company, without sacrificing design and style, we offer a wide range of products designed and handcrafted tailored for you!


Why choose us?

Tax deductions

Securing your home entitles you to a tax bonus. Find out how to access the deductions until December 2021.  


We guarantee our customers a 360 ° service from the beginning of the project to after sales. Whether it is assistance for repairs or additions to existing projects.


We who manage to make the strongest and most difficult material there is malleable and sweet. But at the same time transform it into an innovative and design material.

Turnkey solutions

What do you need? We have the possibility to realize your request from the design to the furnishing of the entire structure.

Fergam Arredamenti S.R.L
Via del lavoro – 06033 – Cannara (PG)  
Tel e Fax: 0742.720262