Our products are designed to meet the demands of aesthetics and reliability. The materials are chosen with the criterion of the highest quality: steel of Italian origin and stainless steel hardware. Each Fergam iron furniture is protected from the aggression of atmospheric agents (rain, snow, sun, salt) by means of anti-corrosive treatment of hot-dip galvanizing in a bath of melted zinc at 450 ° C and oven-fired heat-resistant polyester powder coating .

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All products are guaranteed for 10 years against passing corrosion.

The workings for the construction of each piece of furniture are all carried out internally following, as in the past, traditional techniques of an artisan nature.


The use of the most advanced technologies in all the phases of the production cycle (from the selection of the raw materials, to the assembly, to the surface finishing treatments, to the quality control up to the packaging) allows to obtain the maximum result in terms of quality absolute product.


The upholstery is tailor-made for each piece of furniture with the best specific outdoor fabrics.


The packaging of all Fergam furnishings is such as to guarantee safe shipping worldwide.

The “Linea Ferro Futura” furnishes gardens around the world for over 30 years with its swings and leisure items.



In particular, inside the Cannara plant, the entire process of making all the furnishings takes place: the control of the incoming materials, the selection, preparation and cutting of the same, the welding, the assembly, the quality control, packaging and storage of materials.

Each production phase follows the guidelines of the UNI ISO 9001 standards of 2008, as a further guarantee of reliability and quality of each item of the two lines.